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One of the most beautiful scenic roads in the World

The Strada della Forra is an incredible attraction on Lake Garda

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One of the most beautiful scenic roads in the World

If the images speak, well, then the videos sing like tenors!

Watch the video, explain everything already!

Sometimes there is not even much need to talk.
When you have a video like this, understand immediately what value it can have visit this place!

The strada della Forra one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

Just take a look on the blogs of roads enthusiasts: it ranks among the top 25.

It is a spectacular combination of tight bends and galleries dug in the rocks, and offers a breathtaking view.

At certain spots along the road, you'll feel as if you are suspended above Lake Garda.

It was referred to by Winston Churchill as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

It's the road of the famous scene in the 22nd 007 movie, in which James Bond outruns his pursuers in his Aston Martin.



Strada della Forra is a gem of engineering and landscape.
The level of genius behind it, which dates back to the early 20th century, defies logic.

The road was built by exploiting a crack in the rocks created by the Brasa stream, and follows the bends in the mountain and the stream of water.

If we take into consideration the time of its construction, how long it took to make and the engineering solutions adopted, one has to admit that this was a truly phenomenal feat for that specific historic period.



If we consider Riva del Garda as both the starting and end point, its total length is 40/50 km.

Riva del Garda/Limone: 11 km
Limone/Vesio: 7 km
Vesio/Pieve: 6 km
Pieve/Porto di Tremosine: 6 km
Porto di Tremosine/Riva del Garda: 11 km



By car

Do you love driving or simply want to enjoy a beautiful landscape from the comfort of your car? No problem!

You can easily cross the Strada della Forra by car.

Any advice? Enjoy it, but take it easy: the hair-pin turns are sharp and the galleries are very narrow.

Take this opportunity to stop to admire the rock strata before the galleries or leave a gift for the Virgin Mary protector of the drivers in Tremosine.

This is a road that should be explored at a leisurely pace... not the way James Bond did!

By motorbike

There's not much to say other than... this road was made for you to ride on.

Every biker who comes to Lake Garda has to enjoy this sensational experience on his/her two wheels.

The road is much easier for motorbikes to navigate than cars. But don't forget to respect the traffic lights!
But don't forget to respect the traffic lights!!!

By bicycle or on foot

Can it be done? Of course it can!
You just need to be aware of a couple of things: due to the layout of the road, walking or cycling can be a little treacherous.

We suggest enlisting the help of a tour agency or local guide.

We recommend this on-line guide to enjoy this fantastic hiking experience to the max.

  Trekking Guide - Strada della Forra
(we are sorry, but is just in italian. You can try to translate the page with google)

Some more references appear in the following paragraph.



The inauguration of the famous road.
The Strada della Forra (Vesio-Pieve-Porto) was inaugurated on 18th May 1913.
All the people who live here celebrated the opening of this communication channel, as if they had been freed from 100 years of isolation.

Would you like to cross the Strada della Forra on foot at your own pace?
We recommend checking the status of the trail, because at times it could be closed or under maintenance.

Anything special worth visiting on the Garda trails?
We recommend visiting this website where you'll find maps and descriptions of the trails to explore either on foot or by bike on Lake Garda.

  Routes and excursions - Info Tremosine

Have you heard of the "The spine-tingling terrace"?
When you reach Tremosine, take our advice: go here la Terrazza da Brivido enjoy a tasty aperitif at high altitudes, maybe in the company of friends or loved ones!
The view there is absolutely breath-taking.

  The spine-tingling terrace - Tremosine

Explore it the way you want... all that matters is that you do!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful.

We always invite you to share our article with your friends, if you think they may like it or it could be useful to them.

Warm regards,
Vanessa, Gianni and Carlo.

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